Are you a Millenial Hippie?

What exactly is a hippie and what the heck is a millenial hippie?

That is the exact question that posed my mind as I came up with this concept. Didn’t the idea of hippies die with the bell bottoms and farrah fawcett haircuts? Not exactly! Long gone are the days of describing the hippie generation as rebels who abused hallucinogenic drugs. The millenial hippie is a new generation of individuals. A generation that takes everything that was good about original hippie ideals and maximizes it to its fullest potential.

We are in an era of turbulence and turmoil. We turn on our televisions to witness mass murders. We eat food that is genetically modified for the population. We trap animals in cages and tanks for our own amusements. We idolize men and women because of their money instead of their accomplishments, but, the millenial hippie strives to change all of this.

The millenial hippie is a new generation of love and awakening. They aspire to spread worldwide acceptance and never judge others based on race, age, sexuality, or religion. They understand that simply being a human is the only likeness we need to love one another, and, speaking of humanity; they realize that our food industry is not humane at all. They are not blind to the distress of the world but instead of adding to it they have an inner calling to change it! They are the influencers of the new world. Millenial hippies are in tune with their spiritual selves and can see the bigger picture. We meditate, we help others, we help those that cannot help themselves. We are the voice of reason and love. We appreciate our planet, the place which we all call home, and try our best to make sure our children will be able to call it home too. We are self-aware! We know who we are, what we want, where we’re headed, and what legacy we want to leave behind! We are awakened and on a mission to inspire others to wake up too! Are you a millenial hippie?



picture credit: hippiebus by Thomas8047 on Flikr



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